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What is E-Service Gateway
The E-Service Gateway aims to improve the performance of our public services provided to residents and organisations as well as to streamline public services to make an efficient and effective contribution to the country’s economic growth.

The E-Service Gateway brings together under one and easy to use internet portal all the online government services. It provides a uniform process for establishing electronic identity for residents and organisations online as well as a common security mechanism for accessing these online government services.

How Secure Is It?
The security mechanism underpinning the E-Service Gateway is based on the following:

2.1 Credentials
A credential proves who you are and establishes if you are authorised to use the E-Service Gateway or a particular online service (e-service).

Credentials for residents, refer to as individuals on the E-Service Gateway, have been established through an e-ID, which is the resident’s NIN, and a password.

Credentials for organisations have been established through an e-ID, which is the organisation's Seychelles Business Number (SBN), and a password. Also, an Access Code is generated for each employee transacting on behalf of the organisation.

If you want to access e-services for your personal use such as applying for a passport, you need to register for an individual e-ID.
If you want to access e-services for your organisation such as Taxation e-Service, you need to register for an organisation e-ID.

2.2 Verification and Activation
Before an individual or organisation can access the E-Service Gateway or a particular e-service, their identities need to be verified after registration.
This is to ensure that only legitimate individuals (residents) and organisations have access to the E-Service Gateway.

The Department of Information Communications Technology (DICT) is responsible for the verification and activation of individual accounts

The Seychelles Revenue Authority (SRC) is responsible for the verification and activation of organition accounts

2.3 Security Levels
Each e-service, including the E-Service Gateway, has a security level to determine its authentication mechanism. E-services have one of the following levels:

Level 0: No credential is required. For example, Seychelles Business Number registration e-service.

Level 1: An e-ID and a password are required for individuals while an e-ID, a password and an access code are required for organisations. For example, Taxation e-Service.

Browsers to use
In order to display properly the E-Service Gateway and the various e-services that are provided under it, please use the the following browsers:

1. Internet Explorer 6 or above.
2. Mozilla Firefox 3.0.6 or above.