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What is the E-Service Gateway?
How secure is it?
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How to access and use the E-Service Gateway?
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Welcome to the Government E-service Gateway!

The E-Service Gateway provides a secure single point of entry for all online government services for residents and organisations to communicate and transact with the Government.

Get started by registering or by following the links below to see what the E-Service Gateway offers.

Login as an Individual

You will be required to register as an individual for accessing online services for personal use such as applying for a house, land, passport, job, etc...

Steps for Registration

Step 1. Fill in the registration form
You will need your NIN and a valid email address.

Step 2: Activate your account
Bring your NIN card to the Department of Information Communications Technology (DICT), 3rd Floor, Caravelle House, in order for us to activate your account.